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Time Management – How To Find Time To Write Your Book

How many of you reading this article is in the process of writing a novel? By show of hands; ok, put them down. A large percentage of you, I’d imagine. Next question, how many of you are having difficulties with completing your novel for some reason or another? That’s what I thought. Well, I too am in the process of writing a novel; my first in fact. I have spent my young writing career entering writing contests and writing flash fiction stories on my blog, but decided that now is the time to get serious about my craft. So here we are.

Conversely, once you commit yourself to your goal of writing a novel, and begin taking steps in that direction, you will become aware of the resources available to you. When you take advantage of the opportunities that are right for you, you will find yourself getting closer to your intention of writing a novel. A successful author is simply an amateur who never gave up.

Many people wonder about writing a novel in the best way, and sometimes I give the simple answer. You sit down and write it, which is true. But I know we all like to feel like we’re on the right track, so here’s how I write a novel outline. Over the years I have read hundreds of novels, and for many of these novels I have written a 1 to 3 sentence summary of each chapter. This helps me to understand the structure of the novel. When writing a novel outline, the initial outline might be very sparse. As you develop the story, and even after you have already written a few chapters, you will get a better sense of where you are going. At this point, writing a novel outline will entail writing the chapter outlines. They may change later, but they ought to make sense for now.

Are you spending more time on Twitter, Face book, MySpace, or checking your e-mail than writing your remarried empress novel? What about watching television or flipping through radio stations? While some writers find that it is easier to write with the music playing in the background if you are spending more time flipping stations trying to find the right mood music try turning off the radio, turning off the distractions and focus on the writing. If you spend a great deal of time using social media you might need to turn off your computer and write long hand for awhile just to get focused and eliminate these distractions from your life.

If you get stuck or stop producing, try working with some other writers. This gives you people to talk with about the process of writing. Many non-writers don’t understand that you can’t just make the ideas come, and don’t get why it should be hard to produce. Other writers get this. They will also be able to help you develop and hone ideas.

Don’t listen to their nagging calls. It will get easier. Writing every day will also keep the ideas flowing much more freely. The more you write, the more you will feel like a writer. After all, what is a writer, if not someone who writes.

Study your family members, friends and acquaintances. Watch people walk, talk, and do. They are the ones who are going to tell you what your story is all about. Your past experiences will show up in your novel. In a way, your novel defines your aspirations and the one person you were or would like to become.