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Can the Law of Attraction theory help a person in their network marketing business? That is a question that is asked very often. Some people look at the law of attraction as a hoax. They say it’s something that really doesn’t work. They also say it’s something that can’t help them at all including their network marketing venture. I believe that the people who say these things are lacking proper information. I will try and clear things up with this article.

The problem with Internet advertising for this general practitioner lawyer is, it costs money every time someone clicks. If a lawyer working by him or herself in Fresno California tries to advertise to people searching, bankruptcy, personal injury, divorce, tax problems, tvistel√∂sning, contract disputes, real estate law, workers compensation and trial law, the lawyer will go broke before anyone ever can write them a check. The keyword bid for “personal injury attorney” is as high as $15.00 per click in some cities. I have seen single keywords like lawyer go for $20.00 per click.

It was so cool (to me, anyway) to be asked “Do you have a business card?” and I got to answer in the affirmative. My friends even gave me a professional looking card case as a gift (red leather Coach, as I recall). And I collected others business cards like kids used to collect baseball cards, or my dear friend Lenny collected vinyl albums back in the late 60’s!!

Law of Uniqueness- What’s your niche? Do you even know what makes you unique? Brand yourself not just as an expert but as the best at what you do. Show your contacts how you and your business stand apart from all the other fish in the ocean.

Before you take action – whether it’s picking up the phone, replying to an email, or writing up a client report – stop for just half a minute. Take a couple of slow breaths, close your eyes, put your hand on your heart and ask yourself if now is the best time.

Stop worrying. This is a key tip. When you worry you put way too much of your energy in the possible problems that could arise. Remind yourself that if you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right. So why not focus on what you want to see rather that focusing on crazy scenarios of all the possibilities that could go wrong. You’ll drive yourself crazy and waste your precious energy that you could be using to find business success.

You should also apply the law of attraction to help you find inspiration rather than products that are going to sell. The law can really help you find your niche and to make that business of yours whether you are a blogger, a writer, or have your own store, a multi-million dollar one soon enough.