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The Heart Of The British Indian Army – Mhow

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The lend-lease stipulated that it was the responsibility of the user nation to either return the machines or make them unfit to fly. However IAF engineers in collaboration with Hindustan aeronautics was after cannibalization able to get about 42 machines on line. Two squadrons were equipped with this bomber.

After the British left India in 1947 the activities and all assets at MHOW were taken over by the Join Indian Army. The Army further expanded the facilities at MHOW and at one stage also housed the Army Training Command. The MHOW bazaar is a tribute to the English who patronized this market. In addition the Army continues to maintain an excellent club for officers with a Golf course. Sir Winston Churchill who spent quality time with the indian army exams also was posted at MHOW and his house can still be seen though it is in a dilapidated condition.

Here is something else I found even more surprising – each comment is date recorded, and I discovered these “Christians” continued arguing for days. The longer they went on the more the “Christian” became like the ones he/she were fighting. They were just as nasty and bitter, with a lot of name-calling. The “Christian” within their heart soon wished the “Atheist” were dead. Where is Christ in that, and where do, you find Christ or Paul commanding us to destroy or even fight against people who don’t agree with us.

The Apostle Paul went into the city of Ephesus, stood before the crowd, and declared Christ, as God in the flesh, and they shouted him down. Did he fight them? No, he didn’t say another word to those people. God does not need a mere human to defend Him. What the Apostle did do was pack up his mental pulpit, and went to individuals. Many rejected his message, but others accepted it – one, by one, by one.

This cantonment town was founded in 1818 by Sir John Malcolm a scot as a result of the Treaty of Mandsaur between the English and the Holkars. John Malcolm had also fought at the battle of Mahidpur under Hislop. MHOW was always an important British cantonment and serviced the entire central India. The 5 division of the Southern Army was stationed at MHOW during the days of the Raj.

We are reminded of the Second World War where the absence of a strategic bomber proved a severe handicap for the Luftwaffe. It was like fighting a war with one arm rendered unusable. In turn the Chinese Air Force can hit any target in India with impunity from their bases in Tibet. In addition the Chinese air force has almost 4 times the first line strength of the IAF.

In the car, his bodyguard Owen Chung was in the front beside Samad. I sat proudly in the back sitting beside the Tunku as the limousine eased out of the driveway and cruised along the tree-lined Ayer Raja Road, to Cantonment Road towards Pulau Tikus. That was the most memorable ride ever in my life.