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The 5 Best Songs Of Ac/Dc – Classic Hard Rock Review And Trivia Question

So many classic songs have been written about the subject of love. It could be argued that up to 95 percent of all songs are about this very topic. The question remains, why are most songs about love? Why can’t they be about something else? The answer is not difficult to find: love is such a universal theme, not to mention emotion, and there is not one person in the world that doesn’t crave it in their lives. Everyone is touched by love at different moments and in distinct ways. It’s no surprise so many songs have been written about it.

So how does one choose her wedding songs? While your wedding coordinator or sound system provider are generally in charge of this area you should have the need-to-know information film so there will be no unpleasant surprises for you come your wedding day. Here are some suggestions on where you can get the song titles you can play on your wedding.

Last.fm and Rhapsody: These sites provide free streaming music and also suggest new music you might like based on your preferences. You can also link your friends to specific songs and share the music you love.

My Chemical Romance took a more laid back approach in ‘The Ghost of You,’ but that doesn’t make the song any less effective. This sad number explores the pain of the loss of a loved one. While it’s one of the more moody tracks on their ‘Three Cheers for Lovely Revenge’ record, it perfectly demonstrates the bands knack for combining mournful melodies with an angst driven delivery.

This is another Christmas song which appears in a 14th-century Florentine manuscript. Again, the Baebes have added some simple instrumentation to enhance the rhythmic interest.

This recording is a triumph. The text along with the music for the refrain comes from a 16th-century Scandinavian manuscript and the verses were set by Mediaeval Baebe Ruth Galloway. I love this synthesis of vital creativity with reverence for the past.

Pandora: This site acts as your own personalized DJ. You specify an artist or song you like, and it creates a custom radio station, offering songs that are selected based on sophisticated algorithms that take into account the styles of instrumentation and vocals you like.

A lot of child stars aren’t successful as adults and see the stardom life start to fade away. Miley has proven to remain a star from childhood into her teenage years, and looks to have a promising career as an adult. Her spunk, creativity, beauty, and intelligence make her the successful star that she is.