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Speed Up Win 7 In Easy Ways – Why Is My Windows 7 So Slow And How Can I Fix It?

Windows 7 is already a much more responsive operating system than Vista, but even then most of us don’t get satisfied with it. If you’re loving your new Windows 7 OS but wish it was just a little bit speedier, you’re in luck. I’ve just finished setting up Windows 7 for my friends and I think some of you will be interested in some of the tweaks I make to all of my PCs to make them quicker. Let me present you with this Ultimate Secrets To Speed Up Windows 7. By following guidelines, you can do to speed up the overall performance of your PC with Windows 7.

Now uncheck all the options and select only the last four options. You may also select or disable all if you do not want to any visual effects at all. Now reboot your system and see the difference in the system.

I don’t know why this was even enabled by default on Windows XP. The link indexing service is supposed to help speed up file searches on the computer. Most people don’t do file searches very often though. And if you do use one, just download a separate program to do that! There are many available that do a better job at it such as Agent Ransack.

Nowdays that’s a rather trivial exercise – time or money solves the issue and there’s a lot of quality resources. It’s quite another issue altogether to get maximum value from those backlinks.

All the files on your computer are in several different fragments and when you want to access a file your computer has to gather all the fragments and put them together to make the file you want. This process can slow down your computers response time to opening files. You can avoid this by defragging your computer every month or so. Defragging basically just takes all the fragments of all your files and puts them together thus allowing your computer to open files faster. To do this go to My Computer>right click on your hard drive’s icon>click Properties>Tool>then click Defragment Now. Once down the process well start and run all the way through automatically.

If you have a system and it does not have an office suite, such as Microsoft Office, and you don’t want to pay several hundred dollars to have one, try Open Office. This is a great alternative to other suites, and it’s free! Simply direct your browser to www.openoffice.org and follow the instructions for downloading and installation. Make no mistake, this free office suite is an extremely powerful set of software tools – easily a match for any competitor.

Regularly clean up registry. This is perhaps the most effective way to speed up Windows 7. Since most crash, malfunction and delay in speed are caused by errors in registry, carefully managing it with Registry Easy will return you a swift and slim system.