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Retire Overseas – What About Health Care?

I’ve recently discovered Sue Grafton. Yes, I know she’s been out and about as a writer for years but I’ve been so cooped up with the likes of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Robert Crais and so on that I’ve completely overlooked the magic that is the character of Kinsey Millhone. So as I work my way through the alphabet (in no particular order) I find myself intrigued with each novel.

Financial – Dig deep with questions that ask about how they aren’t getting as much income as they deserve. Ask them how it would change their business if they could save money monthly (maybe you offer a better copier service, Pflegetagegeld product, etc).

The other Dementia insurance thing that comes to mind is from my friend’s blog We all have trials unique to each individual some of which the Lord asks us to endure knowing full well they will never be more than we can carry and will bring with them lessons that cannot be learned in any other way. Other trials we bring upon ourselves or are thrust upon us due to the choices of others. When this happens the Lord is there to sustain and uplift us if we will but turn to Him. He will grant unto us additional might to endure, in the hopes we will never turn that way again.

This is usually hidden in the fine print, but I assure you that it’s very important. Exclusions are things that are NOT covered by the plan. You should know what every exclusion is within the policy so there are no unexpected surprises when it comes time to pay for your care or the care of a loved one.

And… it is nice to be able to turn around and be of service to someone else. I think sometimes in current situations, it may feel like you’re not in a position to do certain services to others – but really, you’ll just be blessed more when you return the service to others. You know, when you’re in the service of your fellow beings, you’re in the service of your God. It is SO true!

We call it health care. It should be called sick care. We are getting sick because we refuse to take care of ourselves and the system says “OK, here is your surgery, here is your prescription and here is your new title for you to identify yourself by so you don’t feel self-conscious or responsible for your actions”. We ignore the fact that these cures are more expensive (and much more dangerous) that simply preventing conditions in the first place. We’ve all heard the phrase: “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. It’s true. That is the most frustrating part of it all. Diabetes, Obesity, Depression and even many cancer cases are preventable. We chose the behaviors that brought these conditions on.

Are you looking into an online nursing degree? You have to admit, it’s great to have access to so much from home. Never before could we achieve so much learning and education from our homes. With a nursing career, you will soon learn that there are many benefits and transfer available.