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Plastic Surgery: Rhinoplasty (Surgery To Change Your Nose)

Ghost costumes are an old Halloween favorite, but they don’t have to be boring. There are many ways to give your ghost costume a little pizazz. The movies and television can provide inspiration for your unusual ghost costume. Here are a few ideas for fun and different ghost Halloween costumes that are sure to turn a few heads.

Mangini Ranch is home to a Heritage Tree program. If you have considered commemorating your Mom with a unique and beautiful tree please join us on the hike to see the trees available.

I love your list of ‘keinplastik free changes to date’ on your website! What are one or two changes that people could start with on their journey to being completely plastic free?

One of the best-known baby companies, Gerber, is also creating alternative baby bottles. You can purchase a set of 3 comfort hold glass 5-ounce baby bottles for around $30.00. These bottles are short and squat, making them easy to hold and easy to clean. Gerber products are available just about anywhere, and are reasonably priced.

If you do use them make sure they get recycled. Why does this matter? Ask California about the Pacific Garbage Patch, this swirling mass of garbage floating off their coast. It is said to be the size of Texas. We need to work harder on eliminating plastic-free.

If you want your water to be hot or cold, you’ll probably want to buy a 5 gallon water dispenser that requires energy to run and costs a little bit more. These sell for about $100-$200 depending on the model. Some newer dispenser models even have ice-making capabilities.

First and foremost, ensure that your kitty has plenty of roaming and climbing space in your home. Invest in a cat tree, gym or tower. Not allowing your cat enough climbing space can result in a stressed and frustrated feline and lead to even more behavior issues.

Pens and pencils – A staple in home offices, pens and pencils are always in demand. Why not buy a couple cartons of each and save money in the process?