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Landscaping Can Add Property Value To Your Home

How to choose a landscaper. There are many landscape architects available if you do a simple search in a search engine, but which one do you choose? Not all landscapers have the same experience and skill. Follow these steps and you will be on your way to finding the landscape designer that is right for you.

You can also consider having a water garden, and this definitely needs an expert to pull it off. With all the complex piping and tubing and what not, you wouldn’t want to have a burst water line would you? A company that excels in water gardens should be considered. They can also assist you in giving suggestions what would work and how to keep them working all year round. If you have a pool, you can have a jungle waterfall run through it if you want.

To take this further I have also licensed one section out of the Instant Sales Letters to a company selling CDroms with consumer mailing addresses and they pay me $1,000/month for this.

To choose a good Landscaper Morris, there are a few things that should be kept in mind. The first would be the scope of the project and what you want done. For some people, they are only looking for someone to mow the lawn and trim the bushes. Other homeowners are looking to have complete lawn care as well as design consultation on their property. If you are looking for something more involved, it is best to get a well recommended and qualified contractor. Have a few companies do a consultation visit for you and provide you with an estimate of services. This way, you will know what to expect before ever having any work done.

You will feel much better about your garden when it is tidy. Make your lawn look neat by going round the edges with a spade or half-moon cutter to create a neat outline between the lawn and the flowerbeds. Cut back plants that are starting to straggle or die back. Some will respond with a second show of flowers. Shape any shrubs that are growing out of control. Put down a thick mulch of bark chippings to cover any bare patches of earth and to suppress weeds. You should lay a weed proof membrane first which will not allow weeds to grow through it while allowing rain to still penetrate the soil.

Now here’s the warning. With all this said, don’t get fooled by the idea nearly everyone gets. It goes something like this – “Well, if I can create 10 different products each making $1,000/month – I’ll make $10,000 every month.” Yes, that’s a great thought but what happens is you get sidetracked and lose focus working on more than one project at once.

Tip D: Payments – Now I can’t tell you what to do…..but ideally pay by invoice & make a payment via your bank or cheque……you won’t be the 1st or the last to suggest a ‘cash’ price for a landscaper….BUT if something does goes wrong you are not in a great position to do anything about it as effectively you are tax avoiding (namely VAT). Similarly be warned of landscapers to ask if they can be paid in cash….it’s not a good sign in my opinion. If all things are done ‘above board’ then you are in a much better position to get help in the unlikely occasion that the work has not gone according to plan.