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Keys To A Healthy Relationship

There are many reasons why marriages fail. Going to relationship counselling can help you to identify the problems and to sort them out before they cause a break in the relationship. Out of all the marriage issues out there, 5 stand out as the most common ones which cause most failed marriages. There are a lot of ways that they can be helped through counselling.

Attend family counselling singapore. Being involved in the relationship, the couple may tend to see things only from their perspective. Having a sit-down with a “third party” can help get to the root cause of the betrayal.

Interrupting your partner is okay when done every now and then. However, if it is a common occurrence your partner will become angry. The problem is that you may not realise you are doing this. Couple counselling will show you that you are cutting your partner off and they never get to say anything. This problem can alienate one partner as they feel their partner does not care about what they have to say.

If you split up believing, I am still in love with my ex, and he or she believed the equivalent and so you got back together, you will experience a honeymoon point just as you had when you were a new couple.

Ask any marriage expert and they will tell you that the way to having a successful marriage is through open communication. Another word for this is assertiveness and dealing with your anger head on. Addressing issues (within the relationship) and then moving on. Within your romantic relationship(s) do you manage to do this? Most don’t.

This is an extremely challenging issue, yet in my experience it CAN be worked through. The process is a slow one, usually taking months or even years. It’s tough, no question, yet it’s NOT impossible.

Having someone you love in your life is far too important to let it go over something insignificant or in some cases something very upsetting. So forget about trying to improve the “break up recovery” and concentrate on rekindling the passion you once had.