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Is A Snow Plow Better Than A Snow Blower?

When the snow falls, the hard core equipment is usually pulled out.If you have yet to purchase the right equipment to remove snow, there are a few considerations you should think about before you make that final leap.Having an understanding of what type of blade is best for snow removal will help you get the job done in a much more efficient manner. There are many different types of equipment that can assist with snow removal but not every piece of equipment can effectively remove snow from your yard.

Homemade Items. If you are crafty, make crafts. If you photograph, make an album or frame some prints or make mugs, puzzles or other items from sites like Winklflash. If you sew, consider making cloth shopping bags or gift bags out of extra fabric or old clothing. If you are handy around the house, give some certificates for your skill (carpentry, computers, you name it). If you cook, make some preserves, can some applesauce, make up cookie mixes, cookies, popcorn balls, snack mix or other snacks. If you hunt, make some jerky or sausage. If you brew, make some nice 6-packs or wine bottles with neat labels. Everyone has skills…turn them into gifts! If you are younger, make up and give coupons for free babysitting, Snow Removal Midlothian Va, lawn mowing or household “work hours”.

Interstates will usually take priority and be cleared by snow plows. (Note this usually happens, not always) You can expect major county and city roads to be cleared by the second or third day following a major snow event. In rural areas or in the mountains, be patient.

Schedule Game Nights. Rekindle old friendships by scheduling play nights with family and friends. This will strengthen the family and friendship bonds, provide inexpensive and fun events to look forward to, and give structure, hope and purpose to the first quarter of the year, which is often the most financially and emotionally stressful times of the year. Make it a point to not spend a lot of time or money on these events – the goal is to have fun without spending a ton of money!

By the time I got home it was 4:00PM. I took my shoes off, put on my comfy slippers, put on the late afternoon news on my TV and sat down in my recliner to watch the news.

Another important consideration is the weight of the snow thrower you purchase. This usually plays a huge role in different areas including storage. If you get a relatively low weight snow blower, it might be possible to hang it of the walls for storage. This will save your space for other uses.

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