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Hunting For Ancient Truths

What you call something is very important. As a parent, you were very aware of that when you named your children. Your children bear the meaning or the connotation of that name for life.

An antique diamond ring depicts history. As what we know that the Runes temporis are used to discover how man survived during the ancient times. History includes ancient beliefs, traditions, and norms that might be similar to what we have now. It should also portray how life was before man’s life evolved to a more versatile and complex one? When we try to analyze these facts, it will give us exact ideas and knowledge on how it feels to live hundreds of years ago. Antique diamond gemstone depict culture of the early civilizations on earth.

Ancient Egyptians believed that a part of the pharaoh’s spirit ki was believed to stay with his body. They believed if the dead king was not protected the new pharaoh would not succeed as king. This mean something bad would happen to the ancient Egyptians, it could mean war or famine.

The G. C. Murphy building built in 1884 and once the site of a chain of “Five and Dime” stores, known as Murphy Five and Dine Stores. Today an art gallery occupies the buildings. There are Artifacts and items dating back to this period.

I rarely start novels with dialogue, mostly because I can never think of anything important enough to say. However, sometimes dialogue is the best way to get your novel off to a running start. If your characters are in the middle of a fight or if there’s something you want to get right out in the open, dialogue can thrust your reader right into the opening scene of the novel.

“Yiddish,” is actually a German word, meaning “Jewish.” It’s often used, generically to refer to the language of the Jews in most of Europe. “VEH,” then, I surmise, comes ultimately from the Hebrew, where English interpreters, seeking simplicity, gave it the English meaning of “AND, a simple conjunction,” as it is often used in Hebrew. It might, however, be more appropriate to translate “Veh” as meaning “and more.” It would appear that it has alternate uses – as an intensifier, supporting the “and more” translation. So Yah Veh would allude to “YA, and more,” or something along those lines.

There are many pieces of artwork housed in the Louvre that hail from Egypt, Greece and Italy. The Egyptian department is home to over 50,000 pieces that include ancient artifacts. Papyrus scrolls, tools, clothing, jewelry, instruments, weapons and mummies are all included in this amazing collection. The collection from Greece and Italy is one of the oldest in the entire museum. There are pieces of jewelry, vases, marble sculptures, and more. One of the more popular types of art from the Roman collection are portraits. Numerous portraits are hung throughout this amazing museum. Although these artists probably never had pottery programs in their day, their artwork has still withstood the test of time. These pieces are priceless as they are proudly displayed within those incredible walls.