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How To Use Meetup To Grow Your Business

That’s how a lot of law firm marketing and business development people describe their firm’s written sales materials. At least the ones who participated in LSSO’s recent webinar…THE KILLER BEs.

Christopher Nashed – time spent working on your website, preparing marketing materials, proposals, making phone calls, correspondence, attending networking events, planning, meetings, reading/audio/video (resources for business/training), writing (articles, submissions, ezine, blog), social media activity, participating in forums.

In addition to the PS, direct-mail pros use devices like the Johnson Box. If you’ve paid attention to the direct-mail you get, you’ve noticed the boxed text (usually at the very top of the letter) that hits you right between the eyes with the purpose of the letter and the call to action.

Honestly and rationally assess where your product or service is in its lifecycle. Is it really a product fit for mass production and marketing or is it an early stage prototype requiring more investment? This will help prioritise resources.

‘Plan B’ encompasses many things for example: better cash management; better debtor management; identification of alternative sources of funding; cost reduction; labour force reduction. In a ‘nut shell’ it identifies the creative ways of achieving more with less.

Many a sales person I come across is caught up in chasing after the next sale, wasting so much time during the day instead of constantly developing and cultivating a large pipeline of prospects. I see them reading the paper, surfing the internet or standing around yackin’ about the weather and recession. These actions show laziness, lack of focus, and desire or unwillingness to venture out. In other words they aren’t hungry enough. If you work around people like this, I would recommend that you step away from the pack and make a positive change.

So we just launched that technology and we’re getting our first offer up from Web Root this week, actually, in the middle of a bunch of email strings we’re trying to get that out.

One of the greatest challenges for service providers, professionals, business owners, and new sales people is to have the confidence to strike up new relationships.