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Hopefully that covers most areas which you may want to discuss with your tilers giving quotes. Please always remember to get three quotes for tiling work as it is important to be able to compare quotes before committing to or accepting tilers quotes.

With porcelain being one of the most popular choices of tile material available, and with the trend for porcelain tile set to continue, Gold Coast Tilers have had to adapt their working methods and tools to be able to cater for the demands of their clients. Until recently, a large number of tile fixers have shied away from the installation and drilling of porcelain tiles due its perceived difficulty.

You will need to ascertain that the contractor will only be working on your project and not just turning up every couple of days due to other work contracts. It will be OK if the company is sizable enough to cope with more than one job but you’ll definitely need clarification of this before you hire them.

When you visit Fes, Morocco, one of the first things you will notice is the incredible architecture and Tiling. The walls of your hotel will be patterned in colorful designs, each with its own meaning and symbolism. This type of tiling is called zelij. Zelij doesn’t mean the tiles, but the actual pattern that the Tiling is in. Zelij is used on tables, walls, arches, and sometimes even sinks.

I knew this was going to make a big mess, and it is easier to take out the dry wall in sheets using razors and tools, but I wanted to boys to remember the project and figured this would be the best way. First we had a magic marker party covering the kitchen and living room walls with drawings. I was amazed at the kids creativity. Maybe we should have done that years ago. After the kids were done, my husband and I finished taking the wall out. Then came three layers of old linoleum, stuck on top of each other. We used crow bars and pancake turners, what a mess.

Note regarding water cooling… It is important to ensure that there is a constant supply of cold water directed at the drill bit in order to keep the diamond core cool and to help remove any debris that may have built up whilst drilling the tile. It is not advisable to try and cool the diamond drill bit by using a hand held aspirator or drilling through a wet sponge. These methods will not keep the drill bits cool enough, and will drastically shorten the life of the drill bit.

All that’s left is to choose the best tiler that comes with a price that works for you and to sign a contract. While you still need to keep a watchful eye on the work as it begins, you can rest easy now that your part is done. By doing the legwork in the beginning, you ensure that your tile installation is everything you want it to be.