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How To Prepare For Your First Weeklong Hiking Adventure

You want to be the hit of the party but a store bought costume isn’t in the budget. You’re not sure if you are going to the party alone or with a friend. Teens in 2010 have a wide variety of popular looks to choose from. This is 2010. It’s not your mother’s homemade Halloween costume. Dress as an Avatar, Lady Gaga, Mad Hatter or even Dog the Bounty Hunter. How about going as a Mario Brother? All these costumes adapt well as singles or couples costumes. Add your own touches to make these 2010 Halloween costumes for teens rock.

This trip is really special because it starts out with a helicopter ride to the bottom of the Canyon. This is extraordinary because the West Rim, which is just 120 miles from Las Vegas, is the only place in the National Park where you can fly to the base!

#50 – If you like picking up the phone in hopes that it’s your married lover or waiting for a text message or voicemail then you could be mistress #50.

And if you have a big frown or a blank stare on your face – guess what? That eye contact isn’t going to last very long! When your eyes meet, you gotta remember to SMILE!

There are lots of things you can add to the star pillow. Tack on some oculos, with needle and thread, to give your pillow a so-cool look. Or, create a face on the pillow, then add giant hoop earrings. You can also use beads to form necklaces for the star pillow characters.

Downtown Savannah is very pedestrian friendly, so on Monday we enjoyed walking up and down and all around as they absorbed the city’s sights and sounds.

Since I live in Savannah, and I was also driving back that evening, I put out the “tour guide” bait – “If you guys want a tour guide…” They gladly took it.

Test any rubber that’s both in the body or the case. If real, this rubber will be of high quality and have a chalky texture. You should not manage to explain the rubber as becoming slimy, stiff or slick.