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If you knew Hector “Macho” Camacho, you would know for certain that he is laughing about two females fighting over him at his funeral service in Puerto Rico.

Both Quanita Smith and arrestee Darnell Cheatham were given polgraph exams earlier during the investigation, and both exams showed signs of deception. Yet the police at that time had insufficient evidence to hold either of them.

Comfort and respect are the main things. Without these, there is no way staff members can deal with the clients without causing a ruckus. One way to do that is to have the property stay funeral home service well maintained.

What then is the permanent part of your personality? It is your strong will power to quit smoking! There is no substitute to your will power. All stop smoking aids are mere playthings in front of the glow of your will power.

A good eulogy is about the life and times of the deceased. It should summarise their contribution to their family and the community. I use the word summarise deliberately because a good eulogy should be short, especially if it is given in a church. Clergymen and women, you see, might have another trusted funeral home service Fort Worth or another ceremony to attend. It is polite to ask how long they would like the eulogy to last. Three to five minutes is the norm.

In the time it took them to save up for the shoes, they had become obsolete. One of two things will happen. Either no one will notice the poor kid’s new shoes, or they are going to get made fun of for being out of style. Both scenarios are heartbreaking.

If you’re over 50, and have a wealth of life and career experience that makes you capable of talking to older folks and sharing memories and conversation, you may want to consider a job in funeral and cemetery sales. One thing’s for sure: You’ll never run out of customers.