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To make your carrot nose, take your sheet of orange construction paper and roll it at a diagonal so that it rolls into a cone shape. Make sure that the large end is big enough to fit easily over your child’s nose without constricting their nostrils at all. Breathing is important even on Halloween! Use the glue to secure the edges together. When the glue has thoroughly dried, poke a very small hole on each side of your carrot nose about half an inch from the large end that will go over the child’s nose. Tie a small knot at the end of each piece of string to keep it from sliding all the way through these small holes and then thread one string through each hole until the knots are against the paper. Your carrot nose is done!

The emotional, soothing effects of pets towards their owners is well-documented. (We assume the effects are vice-versa but my beagle isn’t talking yet). Studies have shown just the act of petting an animal lowers one’s stress and calms the body, so perhaps it’s a medical necessity Fido joins the traveling squad from this time forward. Doctor’s orders. And if we love something, we always want it near. You probably don’t need much more a reason than that. However, toting an animal in your home on wheels isn’t as easy as hoarding a supply of catnip and keeping their water bowl filled. No, just like you, proper thought should be given to your animal’s environment, acclimation process, and safety before departing on that maiden voyage. Here’s a few suggestions on how to make cleanroom bag the transition.

Phase Two (the development phase) marks the point where the virus is growing and replicating cells. As it reaches the surface it continues the viral replication and causes a blister on the end of the nerve cell which accounts for the pain and swelling that is all too familiar. As this phase progresses you can continue with the frozen tea bag treatment to reduce swelling and help with the pain.

Once the grout is ready, using a grout float, take a glob of grout and spread it over the grout lines. Make sure to work it in really well. To remove excess grout, run the grout float flat across the lines at a 45-degree angle, then run a damp sponge over the line. Be sure to work in small sections.

The great German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was killed by the Gestapo for having the courage to stand up to the Nazis, said “Jesus is for others.” Politics does not do for others. When one is filled with the grace of God, doing for others becomes the only concern. You may find yourself giving out Degage Corporation of sandwiches to homeless people on the side of the highway or holding the hand of a woman who lost a baby in the last trimester or playing basketball with guys who don’t look or talk like you do. God’s politics, in the end, may inspire us to throw politics aside, which might be bad for politicians, but good for those who are zealous to please God.

Fruit- You can basically snack on fruit all day and it won’t put much more than water weight on you. Bananas are a great source of potassium and they’re also very filling. Try an orange, some grapes (freeze them for a different variety), or pears. Fruit satisfies your sweet tooth, but you’re getting healthier sugar than you will find in a candy bar or cookie.

Whatever your budget or taste this boutique will satisfy the “spring trendista” in every gal. Enjoy and remember find the right item that reflects your unique personality.

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