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Adult Assisted Living Is The Right Choice For Some Baby Boomers

My phone rang at 3:30am. It was a call from the monitoring service for Mr. Jones, one of my clients that lived in a independent living facility across town. Apparently Mr. Jones had got up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, sat on the toilet and couldn’t get back up again because he was so weak. Since I was the first person on the call list to respond in emergencies, I got up, grabbed my coat and headed out the door.

Packing boxes. Several years ago, when we were moving my father-in-law to www.nhresidentialcare.com, we bought packing boxes from a moving company. We still have boxes on hand so we’ll use them. My grocery store sells tote boxes with cut-out handles and they’re also handy. The boxes are 99 cents each and, though I only have four on hand, I can always buy more.

Six months after that operation we went in for the main lower back fusion. I traveled once again to be with him for 4 weeks. He was in a rehab facility when I left. He got out of rehab two months later. I went back to take him and the occupational therapist to his apartment. We made some changes to his surroundings to better accommodate his needs and to try to make maneuvering around easier. It didn’t last long. He would up falling and going back into rehab for another 2 months.

My mom needs help with all her basic day to day hygiene activities, like taking a shower and brushing her teeth. Of course, my mom tells me that she had handle these tasks, but I know she can’t.

The less a person has in their life, the more extravagant the stories they invent. In care facilities, old ladies will tell you they were married seven times and had 21 children, though they were married once and have one daughter who never visits.

Trash bags. These are a decluttering must. Be sure to get heavy-duty bags that will hold lots of stuff. Put the items you’re going to give to family members in one pile, items you’re going to donate in a second pile, and trash in a third.

You don’t have to put your parent in a nursing home. If their fervent wish is to remain in their home, you can make that happen. Home care San Jose is available to care for seniors. They understand their special needs, and will help them keep their dignity.