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10 Urgent Online Rules To Teach Your Children

Imagine: A platform of only business owners and business professionals that has over 140 million members and growing daily; where the average income per member is US$120,000.

Yes it takes time to do all these videos, etc, and yes, it means you will have to ask something of your customers – like “Can you please give a review?”. But who cares? Your customers don’t have to do it do they? You don’t have to force them – just ask nicely. The better the relationship the easier it will be to get reviews but what also makes it easier is having systems and strategies in place that make it more convenient and more rewarding for your customers to give a review.

Look, there’s no question that my incessant tweets, which also update my Facebook profile, are due, in part, to some latent narcissism. You have to have a pretty strong ego to put yourself out there 140 characters at a time, several times each day. But it’s also true that I wouldn’t update as often as I do if I didn’t get some positive reinforcement for it (e.g. “So how was that tuna salad with fresh cilantro from your balcony garden?” or “You do online Online Reputation Management Firm reporting? You should talk to my colleague!”).

You can also author your own press releases, and create accounts at many other social media outlets such as Quora and Myspace. If you Google “free press release submission”, you will find plenty of places to do your own release – making an announcement about your business. Just make sure to include your name or business name with a link back to one of your business or social media sites. That is what helps them to rank – in addition to the release itself ranking.

The only way to get Google or any search engine to remove a page from the Internet is by a court ruling. Other than that you are on your own, however, there is still hope. If there is a will there is a way. It’s going to take a small investment in purchasing domain names, building micro-sites, and a bit of creativity to polish your reputation Online Reputation Management.

A debate is taking place on a forum about the merits of some product from Company X. You don’t own the product nor have you ever tried it. You have, however, owned another product from the company. It was cheap and didn’t perform as you expected. As a result, you post on the board this new product is a piece of junk and of low quality. You pop offline and think nothing else of it.

The reason you’re checking now is to make sure that when someone is doing a casual search they don’t come across content that damages your company’s reputation. These negative entries carry a lot of weight with searchers, especially if they are new to your business.

Most importantly, be proactive. Take the above steps now to establish your online reputation. Then, should anyone post negatively about you (regardless of how untrue it is), the negative will be drowned out by the sea of positive information you’ve already created about yourself online.